Everyone starts somewhere, the same goes for learning to code!

Interested in diving into STEM-related learning resources and further education? We’ve compiled a list of online resources to help you master the craft.

Codecademy is one of the best online resources for learning to code. Whether you’ve always been interested in learning how to code, or if you’ve just realized your passion, this site can help you on your way.

This resource allows you to choose what you learn so that you’re always interested in the topic at hand. Another benefit? You learn by doing. The hands-on quality of Codecademy gives you the confidence you need to complete coding tasks since you’ll learn by practice.

Not to mention, you’ll always know how you’re doing since your code is tested immediately – that means instant feedback on your work!

freeCodeCamp is another top resource that allows you to earn verified certification in topics like responsive web design, JavaScript algorithms and data structures, data visualization, information security, and more. Not to mention, it’s free!

You’ll be able to save your progress as you go, and each course teaches you the specifics of each topic. They even provide students with a coding interview prep to give you the confidence you need to land your first gig.

Khan Academy offers a variety of computer programming courses, and you can work your way from introductory courses to advanced lessons. The introductory courses ensure that you’re prepared and confident as you work toward more in-depth topics like JavaScript, jQuery, and more.

They even have a community where you can request help, get project evaluations, and ask questions.

Udemy is a site that provides an expansive collection of courses that fit just about any interest that you may have in the realm of technology.

They offer complete courses in areas like design, photography, development, marketing, IT and software, personal development, and more.

Their development courses are highly-rated and include hundreds of lectures to help you feel confident in your topic of choice.

SoloLearn provides students with a wide range of courses that speak to every interest. Each course is made up of in-depth lessons and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Whether you’re interested in Python, JavaScript, SQL, or Machine Learning, SoloLearn has a course for you.

With more than 3,427 exercises in 52 coding languages, you’re sure to find a course that fits your interest with Exercism. Not to mention, it’s a completely free resource!

This resource provides courses on PHP, JavaScript, C++, Racket, and 48 more.

You’ll start your journey by choosing a language to learn about, and then complete a coding challenge on your computer. After your challenge is complete, you’ll review your work with a mentor, which then unlocks different concepts and exercises to help you expand your knowledge.

Code.com provides you with an entire course catalog which is broken down into K-5, Grades 6-12 and beyond K-12.

The site also provides project ideas for home learning, project collections, libraries of information, public projects, and so much more.